Beginner 30' Division Scores for AS XXXVIII

Division Champion for AS XXXVIII:
Rhonriun scored 115.5(56.5) at Saints,Martyrs, & Icons

Rider Event Heads Rings Reeds IKEqC
RhonriunSaints,Martyrs, & Icons56.559N/A115.5
GwendwynWest K Cct Crown71.539N/A110.5
Moira O'ConnorWest Kingdom Spring Games6834N/A102
OgreCynagua May Coronet6630N/A96
Frederick of HollandCynagua May Coronet61.534N/A95.5
Arilid BarrettWest K Cct Crown55.536N/A91.5
Kyrstan MaynewaringCynagua May Coronet64.522N/A86.5
AntonioWest Fall EQ Practice50.536N/A86.5
Rose of Degewood CastleWest K Cct Crown71.514N/A85.5
William WolfhalWest Fall EQ Practice46.537N/A83.5
Desi of Standing StonesCrystal Mines IKEQC5314N/A67
Mikalya TaddioWarren War25.540N/A65.5
Alienore de BatheThree Walls Official EQ PRactice3622N/A58
Kellyn FiresingerWest K Cct Crown11.536N/A47.5
LijbetWarren War3016N/A46
Catherine MurphyWest Kingdom Spring GamesN/A10N/A10