New look for the new year!

With the turn of the SCA Year, we are moving forward with our refresh of the IKEqC and with that comes a new website, this blog, and several new and exciting features.

What hasn’t changed is the way the games are played.  At least not much in most cases.  Rules have been reviewed, languaged clarified and a few tweaks here and there have been applied.  We have addressed several points in the rules where it was plain to us — the old hands — but not always clear to those new to these games, what the right way to play was.

Birjas has been suspended from IKEqC Competition this year.  The old rules will be posted on a new page that will list everything the IKEqC wishes to receive feedback on and experiment with, so watch for that later in May.

Work on getting the The Regulations formatted for the web will be completed soon.  Look for them here: A downloads page with the a PDF version of the Regulations as well as needed forms will be here:

Speaking of the web page, as you can see it has been refreshed.  With the server migration complete, we now have access to more up-to-date tools and other bells and whistles, including much better support for mobile devices of all sizes.

The IKEqC Council is still hard at work putting together several blog posts for May and beyond, and we are looking forward to having all the scores to display for you too, so check back soon!

Sandor Dosa

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