And we have scores!!!

Its so exciting to already have ten scores, from Mounted Archery no less, to show you!  Gavin showed really well and with a solid score of 70 points!  How did this happen?  Well, I’m glad you asked…

Back in February the IKEqC Council decided that in order to support the IKEqC at Gulf Wars this year, and be fair to those that participated, we should allow those scores to be added to the AS LII Tournament as ‘bonus scores’.

We had ten scores made at Gulf Wars XXVI and they are live on the site now.  I had to work with a few limitations from the paper forms we used for the games at Gulf Wars and so I fear I may have misspelled or otherwise mangled several rider names.  A Rider’s portal is in the works to allow riders to update their own profiles with our system, but in the meantime if anyone sees their name misspelled in lights, accept my sincere apologies and shoot me a email to ikeqc (at) scaikeqc (dot) org and I’ll get you fixed right up.


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