Group Spotlight: Barony of Lochmere, Atlantia

This last Sunday, May the 21st, the Equestrians in the Barony of Lochmere in Atlantia……held one of their once a month practices at Stellar Riding, in Davidsonville, Maryland.  They usually get started around ten in the morning and are often finished by three in the afternoon with a potluck to follow with the associated ‘barn ride’ of a group of horsemen and horsewomen gathering together swapping stories and wisdom.  They even have an unofficial Facebook Group “Atlantian Equestrian (Cavalry)” as well as an official Horse and Hound page on Yahoo Groups.

Groups like this make the core of SCA Equestrian offerings.  Clusters of SCA horsefolk who set aside time and energy to meet regularly to practice just like the SCA’s Light and Heavy Fighters or Arts and Science pursuits.  Let us advertise your group’s SCA Equestrian activities by telling us about them at “ikeqc (at) scaikeqc (dot) org”.


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