Or, A Chamfron and in base the letters IKEqC vert.

Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition

In the Fifty-Second Year of the Society of Creative Anachronism

Equestrian Marshal and Tournament Assistant Portal

Welcome IKEqC Event runners!
While it would be accurate to say that your contibutions are invaluable to the IKEqC its also quite true to say we couldn't do it without you!
On behalf of the IKEqC Council, we are glad your here.

This page is dedicated to helping you run your Event or Practice and in entering your scores.

Currently, the online systems are being stress tested. In the interim, to register an event or practice, please send an email with the details of your event or practice and your contact details to "reports (at) scaikeqc (dot) org" add "[IKEqC]" to the subject line and you will contacted with instructions.

Tournament Assistant applications are OPEN. Please email letters of introduction to "ikeqc (at) scaikeqc (dot) org" and the IKEqC Council will contact you with instructions.

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